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  • Free tacos? I call shenanigans. How does it work?
    No shenanigans here. Each Taco Tour book includes tickets for free tacos from local restaurants, food trucks, taquerias, or food stands from around the Tampa Bay Area. You’ll get 3 free tacos from each one and you can redeem 1 taco per visit.
  • Are there limitations on which tacos I can get?
    Each restaurant determines which tacos are eligible. Just ask when you get there and they'll steer you in the right direction.
  • How many tacos can I redeem at a time?
    You can redeem 1 taco from each restaurant per visit.
  • If I go with a friend, but just have 1 book, can we use 2 of the tickets at once?"
    Both of you would need your own book to redeem the free tacos. You can redeem 1 free taco per book per visit.
  • Can I buy a Taco Tour book as a gift?
    Absolutely! Taco Tour books make great gifts for friends, family, college students, teachers, colleagues, clients--all the taco lovers in your life. They also make excellent stocking stuffers, thank you/teacher appreciation gifts, wedding party favors, gift basket items, and more!
  • Are there any days when tickets can’t be used?
    Because Cinco de Mayo tends to be an incredibly busy time for these restaurants, taco tickets will not be valid on that day. These local gems are already pulling out all the stops for Cinco de Mayo and we don’t want to take away from any other amazing specials they’re offering.
  • How long do I have to redeem my tickets?
    Tickets in the 2022 Tampa Bay Taco Tour book are valid from January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022 (excluding Cinco de Mayo).
  • Do you participate in fundraisers?
    Yes! PTAs, non-profits, churches, groups, organizations—we love you all! Team up with us for your next fundraiser and a portion of the proceeds from money raised will go right back to you. Contact us now for more info!
  • I know free tacos are enough, but do I get anything else when I buy a Taco Tour book?"
    You drive a hard bargain, but yes! When you purchase a Taco Tour book, you’re in the club. And Taco Tours members also get access to exclusive events, deals, and promos!
  • If I have to buy the book, how is it free?"
    Great question! By purchasing the Taco Tour book, you're gaining access to a yearlong experience including exclusive members-only events, giveaways, deals, promos, and--of course--tacos. The free tacos are the biggest (and tastiest) perk of being a passholder.
  • How much do you charge businesses to be included in the Taco Tour book?
    Drumroll, please… nothing! There's no charge for businesses to team up with us and be included in the book. A big part of why we do this is to help local restaurants thrive in the wake of COVID’s challenges.
  • My favorite taco spot isn’t in the book. How can I make sure it’s in the next one?
    You’re a boots-on-the-ground taco lover, eh? Nice! There are a few things you can do to make sure your favorite tacopreneurs make it in. Tag them on our social media pages with #YourTacosBelongHere. You can also reach out to them directly and tell them how much you love their food and how much you want them in the book. Then point them to our website.
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