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Hard Shell Tacos

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Let's get to know each other a little better.


Honestly, we could probably leave this "About" page right there and most of you would be like, "YES! I know exactly what you’re about!"
Tacos are a way of life for some of us. The flavor, the variety, the culture, the memories… I grew up in Michigan having "American Style" tacos that my grandmother would make for the whole family. The smell in the air, the scene of toppings laid out, and the time spent with friends and family will stick with me forever.  
Enter Florida. I moved down here almost 20 years ago and found a whole new taco world! Like many of you, it has become my quest to find and try every taco within a day’s drive of my mouth. I want to be introduced to the taco that other families grew up eating—the one they built their memories around. Tortilla and carnitas recipes that have been passed down for generations are being shared with our community. WE MUST EAT THEM ALL!
On a serious note, a lot of these amazing taco dispensaries are also facing real hardships. This pandemic has not been easy on anyone, but these small businesses are really struggling. Taco Tours was an idea I came up with while sitting in the parking lot at Lolis Mexican Cravings waiting for my car-side delivery during the height of the "lockdown." I want to make sure these places survive. I want to connect with like-minded taco lovers and get them excited about going out again. If anything can get you out and about again, I’m willing to bet free tacos is that thing.  
Let’s show our support and thanks to all of these amazing taco joints in our community. Let’s make sure they can get through these times so we can still eat their tacos in the future.  
Join us for a tour to end all tours. Discover new spots and new flavors. Share your experiences. Bring friends and family with you. Get your free taco and then try them all!

Ryan Brown

Owner, Taco Tours LLC

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